No-Fault divorce in Indiana

Alcoholism, cruelty, constant beatings are capable of pushing to such a difficult decision. Husbands who behave aggressively, experiencing complete indifference, force women to terminate the relationship and decide on the registration of the divorce process. How do you break up with your husband when there is no desire to see him around, to take care of him or when the family has long broken up, and the bonds have only legal force? Let’s try to figure it out with assistance from

How to divorce your husband if he agrees

You can cancel the marriage in the bodies of the regional registry office or through appeal to the Magistrates Court. You can write a statement and get a divorce through the registry office if the spouses do not have minor children, there are no disputes in the distribution of property, and there is mutual consent. Documents required for handling:

  • Jointly completed application.
  • Marriage certificate and original passports.
  • A check from the bank is confirming payment of the state tax.

After filing and registering the application, a month later, the date of the official divorce is appointed. The four weeks is not set by chance, and the state provides an opportunity for the spouses once again to think and reconcile everything.

How to divorce your husband if he does not agree

When a husband deviates from submitting an interactive application, or there are minor children in the family, and there are disputes about the division of common acquired property, the woman should go to court. Within two weeks, a notice will be sent to the specified address, in which the exact date and time of the court hearing will be appointed.

In case of non-appearance, the conditions for the parties are different:

  • The absence of a spouse or his representative does not prevent the dissolution of the marriage.
  • If the plaintiff does not come two times to the court session, the case would be left without consideration.
  • When, during the trial, the husband asks for the preservation of the family, the magistrate goes to a meeting and sets a term for reconciliation for three months. If, after the expiration of this date, a woman still requires a divorce, a judge formally divorces.

Divorce and children

As claims, the divorce procedure will be more difficult if you have young children or property acquired through joint labor. The fact is that not all parting spouses properly and amicably share the wealth and agree on the education of children and joint participation in their lives.

Documents required for divorce

When you are prepared morally, have brought yourself to a state of calm, you must study the order of actions that should be carried out before starting a divorce case. If the spouses failed to keep their family, then it remains for them to issue a divorce correctly and without scandals so that from the legal side of the matter everything would be appropriate.

Divorce without children

As claims, if the spouses have lived together for a relatively short time, without having had time to have babies, then their divorce process will be significantly simplified, and it will require the very minimum of documents. We are talking about the following: civil passports, receipt of payment of state duty, marriage certificate, and also a statement about the dissolution of marriage.

By agreement

You will need to submit documents to the registry office, which is located at the place of residence of one of the spouses. And then after about one month, you will be divorced. It is essential that the divorce process is by mutual desire, and also does not contain claims for any property. In the case when claims arise or if one of the spouses refuses completely to dissolve the marriage, the initiator of the divorce must go to court. There he applies. In such a situation, divorce is usually more complicated and requires a lot of time and effort.

Proper behavior during a divorce

It is necessary at all costs to keep calm and behave with dignity. This will be the main rule during the divorce. After analyzing your whole life together, as well as your emotional state, perhaps even life, you can conclude that the next experience with this person is not possible. The decision must be communicated to the spouse very calmly and without insults or reproaches. Yes, this is a tough decision. It is difficult to talk about it, especially if a person has a lot of resentment or problems.

When will a divorce be made as quickly and smoothly as possible?

  1. The existence of the mutual consent of the spouses to file for divorce;
  2. If the spouses live for a long time separately and there is evidence of this;
  3. absence of children or the age of children exceeded 18 years;
  4. A husband or wife is in prison;
  5. The court recognized one of the spouses as incapable.



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